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Địa chỉ : 376/14 Đường Bưởi, Số nhà B11
Vĩnh Phúc - Ba Đình - Hà Nội - Việt Nam
Tel: +84.4.3761 7753
Fax: +84.4.3761 7691
Đo lường cơ khí - Máy đo không gian ba chiều CMM
Máy đo không gian ba chiều - Shop Floor
  • Precision drive systems controlling all three axes, plus hardened linear guides and recirculating bearings, provide longlived, reliable inspection even in harsh shop-floor conditions.
  • Light-weight bellows and covers protect machine components while minimizing friction for smooth-running, precise performance.
  • Rugged, vibration resistant base made from a single polymer casting
  • Elastomeric dampers further isolate from vibrations caused by machine tools and other heavy equipment.
  • The roll-around stand makes it easy to move where it’s needed for maximum shop-floor efficiency.


    Shop floor conditions may suggest that accurate measurement results on the factory floor would be impossible to obtain. However, using specialized shop floor hardened coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Metrology, measurement accuracy is ensured even in the production environment. Ideal for lean manufacturing and cellular layouts, automated inspection is possible right at the point of production. Specialized software interfaces allow even unskilled operators to inspect parts with point-and-click ease.

    Products in this class maintain high accuracy over large temperature ranges. Thanks to special shop floor features and automatic temperature compensation, performance is not degraded by harsh environmental conditions in production, such as vibration and dirt.


    Shop floor series is available in following sizes (X,Y,Z):


  • 5.5.5 (5.6.4)
  • 5.7.5 (5.9.4)
  • 7.10.7 (7.10.6)
  • 9.12.8
  • 9.15.8
  • 9.20.8
  • 12.15.10
  • 12.22.10
  • 12.30.10

    Other ranges are available. Pls. contact us for more detail.

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